The Meth Project and The Partnership Join Forces

In a recent news release by Cassie Goldberg of, Goldberg highlighted the joining together of The Partnership at and the Meth Project, “one of the world’s leading prevention organizations, renowned for its effectiveness.” The Meth Project will become a part of The Partnership’s efforts to reduce substance abuse.

This is a national effort to reduce the number of teens dealing with substance abuse. Goldberg reports that individual Meth Project organizations will continue their local education, community action, school outreach and teen advocacy initiatives, operating as members of The Partnership at

Through educational programs, advertising, prevention tools and websites, has effectively combated some of the hold methamphetamines have on teens in participating states. In Montana, teen meth use has dropped 63 percent, and in Arizona, 65 percent. These encouraging results illustrate the importance and effectiveness of this mission.

Thomas M. Siebel, the Meth Project’s founder, was named the third most effective philanthropist in the world by Barron’s magazine in its most recent rankings, and has received a White House commendation due to the success of the Meth Project.

Read the full article on for a more in-depth look at the Meth Project and The Parnership’s efforts.

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