Gaining weight? Drinking alcohol promotes larger calorie consumption

According to a recent post by, “People consume more calories and fat on the days they drink alcohol.”

Research by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism was taken by studying 1,864 adults. The study participants were asked to fill out a diet questionnaire on two days within a 10-day period. These two days consisted of one day, where alcohol was consumed, and another day, where the participants were completely sober. The article said that “When they drank, they had an average of two to three alcoholic beverages at a time.”

On average, men consumed 2,400 calories the day they did not drink, and women consumed about 1,700. The days they did drink, men consumed about 400 calories more than they did during the sober day, while women consumed 300 more, Reuters reports. “For the women, the extra calories could have come from the alcohol alone. For men, between 100 and 200 of the extra calories came from food,” as reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the article.

Oftentimes, as lead researcher Rosalind Breslow noted, social events, where alcohol is being served, include less healthy foods on the menu. However, Breslow added that it is also possible that drinkers consume more calories because of their impulsive mindset, due to consuming alcohol.

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